The Best Piano Learning Apps – iPhone, iPad and Android

Best Piano Learning App - Android,iPhone,Ipad

Highly Effective Learn to Play Piano Apps

Living in an age of technology, almost everything we do has taken on a technological form. Learning how to play piano in the age of the internet makes learning far different than centuries, and even decades, gone by. As a piano student, enthusiast, learner, etc, you probably already know that practice is essential to your progress and overall success. A piano app download can provide a way to spice up your practice routine and they are a great way to supplement your piano lessons! Check out the following piano keyboard apps as they may help you do just that…

Piano Music App for Practicing Scales:

Scales are fundamental to every piano player regardless of level. A great app to stay on your scale game is MusiClock, especially if you are looking to make scale practice a bit more fun than the normal drudgery that’s often associated with them! The app has a great set of backing tracks that you can use for scales and even general improvisation.

Metronome Piano App for Tempo:

The simplest and most common tool for the beginner pianist is the metronome. A metronome helps instill good rhythm and helps you stay on tempo while playing. Downloading a piano app that works as a metronome will help save you a trip to the music store and about 30$. Metronome for iOS is a free piano app that stands out for its custom built timer which is more accurate than other similar apps for iOS. Android user? No problem. The piano app, Metronome Beats, has great features and it’s free!

Master Notes and Chords Piano Tutorial App:

Recognizing notes and chords is an important skill that every piano player needs to become fluent in. Piano Notes Pro is a fantastic music keyboard app to aid you in this endeavour. This app can easily be customized to suit your particular needs. This app is very user friendly, making choosing the clef, range, accidentals, number of notes to quiz, etc, a breeze. This app is also compatible with MIDI input.

Piano Sheet Music App :

Ever notice that some musicians are ditching the stack of loose-leaf sheet music for an iPad or iPhone on their music stand? They are most likely running a great piano iPad app called forScore. Unlike opening PDFs in Adobe Reader, which can seem to take forever and a day to load the next page, forScore loads near instantaneously so you never have to deal with those awkward pauses in the middle of a song! If you’re an Android user, don’t fret, Midi Sheet Music is the clear winner in this race, not to mention, it’s free and without adds!

Music Theory Piano Training App:

A great way to use technology to supplement your lessons is to use piano apps that focus on music theory and ear training. You may already get a good dose of this from your teacher, however, these apps attempt to solve the problem many people have with learning music theory from a book. Both iOS and Android have excellent solutions to this issue, they are Tenuto and Perfect Ear, respectfully. These apps are chalk full of exercises, games, and quizzes to keep you on your toes. Using games to help you learn has proven to be a highly effective learning strategy as it tricks your brain and helps you learn faster!

Learning to play piano is undoubtedly best done with a teacher, one-on-one, as none of these piano tutorial apps can replace that relationship; however, they are wonderful tools to help supplement your lessons and motivate you to practice and learn more. The more resources you can acquire for your musical journey the more successful you will be in your endeavour!


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