Teach Yourself Piano – The Best Piano Books for Beginners

Teach Yourself Piano – The Best Beginner Piano Books

Lets be honest, learning to play the piano can often sound like a daunting task. Many people look at it as a large, major project. In actuality, every large project can be broken down into smaller, bite size chunks. The reality of it is that you can learn to play the piano in smaller time periods that can be fit around your current lifestyle. You may also be prone to thinking that it is next to impossible to become proficient without years of costly piano lessons, but this is not necessarily the case. Learning to play this unique and interesting instrument can actually be very fun and provide you with a new and rewarding challenge. With a little knowledge about the notes, keys, and chords plus a lot of practice, you will be learning those songs you’ve always wanted to play in no time!

As a new player it might be difficult to know where to start, especially if you want to learn on your own without a teacher. Good news! There are many piano books, that can be ordered online or bought at your local music store, that will help get you started and provide all the basic tools you will need to begin your foray into the world of piano playing. So dust off that old piano or keyboard and take a look at these three piano book options for adult or teen

1. Alfred’s Self-Teaching Adult Piano Course, Book/CD/DVD

This self-teaching piano book is geared towards adults and teens who wish to teach themselves. The book is highly informative and adopts a friendly style for teaching the material. The book comes packed with study guide pages that have been added to guide you and introduce you to the music. It also comes with a helpful CD which is almost like having a piano teacher right there with you as you learn the skills needed to perform popular music. The DVD includes an introduction to all pages in the book and performances of the pieces by well-known piano teacher, Gale Kowalchyk . The book is 192 pages which will provide you with all the basic guidelines you will need to get started on your musical journey.

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2. Adult Piano Method – Book 1: Lessons, Solos, Technique and Theory

The Hal Leonard Student Piano Library’s Adult Piano Method is another fantastic learning tool for adults and teens alike. With the purchase of this book you will be getting an all-inclusive approach to learning the piano as the book combines lessons, solos, technique and theory into one jam-packed book! The authors have created this book with the adult learning process in mind, providing a logical step-by-step approach which is perfect for any teen or adult learner. The book moves quickly but comfortable through new concepts and material making it next to impossible for it to become boring. Adult and teen learners will find this book challenging enough to be interesting, but straight-forward enough to experience a sense of accomplishment and jubilation upon completion of a new piece. Accompaniments are available online with a code included in the book, this will allow you to listen and observe the pieces before you play them, just like with a real piano teacher. Supplementary books by the Hal Leonard Student Piano Library are also available to further your study, these include: Book 2: Lessons, Solos, Technique and Theory, Popular Hits, Popular Favourites, Christmas Favourites, and Traditional Hymns.

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3. Carol Barrat’s The Classic Piano Course: Books 1,2 and 3

Carol Barrat’s Classic Piano Course is a fantastic guide for beginners, it is super user-friendly so you could pick this up at virtually any age! The course will start you out in C position but will move on swiftly after that, so whether you are a first time learner, or starting again, these 3 books will gently guide you towards the pleasure of being able to play piano. The book is packed with a variety of music ranging from classical repertoire, to themes from the opera, blues and folk, contemporary classics, and arrangements by Barrat herself, ensuring that you have tons of options when it comes to the style of music you will be playing. The book has easy to follow instructions and includes tidbits of musical history throughout. Barrat’s book is also great for learning to play hands together fairly quickly since the instructions and warmups are so adept; in general adults tend to master hands together much faster than children, so with a little practice you’ll be boogie-ing in no time!

If you want to learn piano tunes, songs and even the classics, all you need to have is a willingness to play and a bit of persistence. Believe it or not, you actually have some advantages over children when it comes to learning. For one thing, you’ll have a deep-seated motivation that can help you get through those tough times when you don’t feel like practicing. You’ve also got a wealth of experience and insight that children just don’t have. Finally, there are so many amazing advances in piano learning methods for adults that are designed to take advantages of your different learning style. By utilizing any of the above books you’ll be playing songs you love in no time. The most important thing to keep in mind is that it’s never too late to start, but you must start. If playing piano is a dream of yours, do not wait until next week or next month to get started, get started now and make your dreams come true!


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